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CELESTIVL - TenTimesTwo (Physical CD)


Image of CELESTIVL - TenTimesTwo (Physical CD)

TenTimesTwo is CELESTIVL’s first full length album, and over the course of nine tracks, displays the sheer breadth of their music, from the upbeat, trance-like Sabrina (I’ll Cover You) and Spires, to the ferocious, and unapologetically heavy Blasphemous, to the monolithic symphony-in-one-movement: TenTimesTwo.

The album was produced by Youtube star Jonathan Young, who currently has just over 1.3 million subscribers, and he has provided this album with a crystal clear, modern feel, allowing CELESTIVL to take their sound to the next level, with more powerful orchestration, blistering solos and bigger choruses than ever heard before in their music.

1. Melisandre
2. Shattered Pictures
3. My Place In The Stars
4. Spires
5. Along The Way
6. Blasphemous
7. Sabrina (I'll Cover You)
8. Once, Inside a Dream
9. TenTimesTwo